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FREE WEBSITE will help you create an identity for your profession which in turn will help you to generate Leads, Conversions, More Business. But if you are not in any business still will create an IDENTITY.

What is Free ?

What do you get for free ?

A free website which will have enough features for you to promote yourself through articles, images etc

Nice theme,

Option to write articles

Easy share option which will help you to share in social media

Simple easy logo’s.

The logo with either can carry image along with the name that you want or the name alone.

The model is given herewith

Cost of domain names would vary from Rs.600/- to Rs.1500/- and higher too. If you feel you should have one please do let us know.

But the domain name that we are giving you is “FREE” which would look like (where xyz is any name of your choice).

If you are group of people who wants some common name please do contact us we will be able to get a domain name accordingly for free.


We will have “One Advertisement” of ours in the free website. This advertisement will feature in the front page of the website. But we promise it won’t distract users from the main content which you might have written or uploaded.

Website Designing

We can create basic websites which we offer free to job portal, classifieds site to ecommerce sites.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos are targeted at specific segment of customers who are already identified. More descriptive than Intro Videos

Logo Designing

Logo Designing for free is a standard one. But we wide variety of tools and wonderful team with lot of imagination.

Android App

We will be able to create Android app upload it to Google play store and maintain it too upgrading it to latest versions.

Intro Video's

A short video's speaking about your profession or the products you offer is what sells in todays market. We can help you in creating one such video

Hosting & Maintenance

We have the expertise and experience in hosting websites and hence we will be able to do it at ease for you.

We have plenty of templates for you to choose from
What would cost you ?

These websites would cost the customers depending upon the requirement. We provide ready made websites of the following categories

  1. Classifieds Website
  2. Job Site
  3. Matrimonial Website
  4. Restaurant Website

We can also provide advanced e-commerce websites.

We can provide beautifully designed logo’s which will definitely suite your company and other associated business needs including that of your website. We have wonderful tools and wonderful people who will help you with your imagination.

We also can maintain your website if you have given the choice of hosting the websites with us itself. We collect nominal fees but the website will be updated by us regularly and we will maintain it too so as to ensure 99% uptime.

Advantage for you when you buy website from us and also wanted it to be maintained by us is that

We upload it to the server, we will ensure smooth functioning of the website and most importantly you need not get embroiled in managing server, hosting, database etc

Leave it us once when we develop your website – we will manage the rest.

You just take care of your business.

We can deliver two types of videos

1. Intro videos – a short one which introduce you to customers by the way of introducing your logo, what you do, your contact details.

2. Explainer videos – a slightly lengthier one which will introduce you, your product/s, your core values  etc

Android app – we will be able to create simple android app’s at very low cost and will be able to upload it the google play store.

You need not have any knowledge pertaining to this.

Also we keep it upgrading it to latest version (if and when it is required) so that you get a flawless android app.

Give us the choices of domain names. We will find one and help you with the website with same domain name.

Trust us we know what we are doing.

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